Prayer to the Sleeping St. Joseph: How and Why We Pray It

In the realm of powerful intercessory prayers, one that has gained immense popularity and devotion is the practice of praying to the Sleeping Saint Joseph. This ancient tradition carries a rich history and has found favor with believers worldwide. Join us as we delve into the significance of this unique prayer, exploring its historical roots, and understanding why even Pope Francis himself has expressed a deep affinity for this spiritual practice.

Prayer to the Sleeping St. Joseph

Dear St. Joseph,

Come to my aid and bless me.
Even in your sleep, accompany me in discerning where the Spirit prompts me to go, and in doing what the Father wills me to do.

Like you, I carry the burden of daily toils on my shoulders.
I build a home where the reign of God can be all in all.
I track the road of righteousness towards the fulfillment of God's Kingdom.

Now, I beg you, as you sleep, share in my dream to become what the Father wants me to be. 
And as you awake, help me persevere through self-giving and commitment to prayer.

Towards the twilight of my life, teach me how to live a "happy old age".
And as I breathe my last, hold my hand as you held Jesus' hand.
Draw me to Him, Your beloved Son, my Lord and my God. 


The History of the Sleeping Saint Joseph Devotion

The tradition of praying to the Sleeping Saint Joseph can be traced back to the Middle Ages, with roots deeply embedded in the Christian faith. According to popular belief, burying a statue of Saint Joseph upside down in the yard of a home for the purpose of selling a property became a widespread custom. As the devotion evolved, the focus shifted to praying to the Sleeping Saint Joseph for various intentions, including employment, family matters, and overall well-being.

Saint Joseph, known as the earthly father of Jesus Christ, is revered for his humility, righteousness, and unwavering faith. The symbolism of the sleeping posture suggests a profound trust in God’s divine plan, encouraging believers to surrender their worries and concerns through prayer.

The Power of Intercession

The act of praying to the Sleeping Saint Joseph is believed to invoke his intercessory power, acting as a mediator between the petitioner and God. Devotees share countless testimonies of answered prayers, citing the saint’s ability to bring about positive change and provide guidance during challenging times.

Pope Francis and the Sleeping Saint Joseph

Pope Francis, known for his humility and devotion to traditional practices, has openly expressed his admiration for the Sleeping Saint Joseph prayer. The Pope emphasizes the importance of entrusting one’s concerns to Saint Joseph, recognizing the saint’s ability to intercede on behalf of believers. This papal endorsement has further catapulted the devotion to the forefront of Catholic spirituality.

Why Pray to the Sleeping Saint Joseph

Humility and Surrender:
The sleeping posture of Saint Joseph signifies complete trust in God’s plan. By emulating this humility in our prayers, believers are encouraged to surrender their worries and anxieties, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

Family Harmony:
Saint Joseph is also considered the patron saint of families. Praying to the Sleeping Saint Joseph is believed to bring about harmony and unity within families, resolving conflicts and fostering a spirit of love and understanding.

Personal intentions:
Many turn to the Sleeping Saint Joseph for guidance in challenging matters. Devotees believe that by seeking the saint’s intercession, they can find solutions to life’s challenges and immediate help.

Praying to the Sleeping Saint Joseph is a timeless tradition that transcends generations, offering believers a source of comfort, guidance, and intercession. As Pope Francis himself attests, this unique prayer has the power to transform lives and strengthen one’s faith. Embrace the spiritual journey, explore the history, and let the Sleeping Saint Joseph be your companion in prayer, guiding you through life’s challenges with unwavering grace.