3 Things The Youth Can Learn From Carlo Acutis

In the recent beatification of Carlo Acutis, the youth of the church once again has someone to look at for inspiration.

The life of Carlo Acutis as a religious millennial can give inspiration to young Catholics who are interested to live by God’s word.

Here are three things we can learn from him:

1.) You can be religious and still live an ordinary life

Many people today are hesitant to include some amount of religiosity in their day-to-day lives. Young people fear they might not be able to enjoy ordinary life if they strive to be holy. But we can see from Carlo Acutis’ example that this isn’t so.

Carlo enjoyed an ordinary life just as much as the boy next door. Or maybe even more.

He enjoyed playing video games such as Super Mario and Pokemon. Yes, he had a PlayStation like the average teenager and surfed the internet as a hobby. He also loved to travel, an activity most millennials are interested of.

His ordinary life never interfered with his spiritual life and vice versa. He had nothing lacking in life and everything to gain.

2.) We can promote the Holy Mass as a means of reconciliation and wonder

There are plenty of Catholics today who are facing a crisis of faith. And many are losing interest in participating in the sacraments due to the lack of proper understanding with regards to their value. But Carlo made a special effort to always invite family and friends to the Holy Mass. With this simple act, he helped people become reconciled with God. Many of these people became more interested in the many wonders of God’s sacraments.

3.) There are new ways to evangelize that are also inline with the times

The internet has been abused in so many ways. There are tons of online content that has nothing to offer but filth. But it’s still a powerful tool for acquiring information and reaching out to people. Carlo Acutis made sure he used this modern-day tool for God’s glory.

He developed a website that catalogued Eucharistic miracles from around the world. He even shared God’s word in social media and forums. With these simple yet creative ways, he was able to reach out to people online and exalt God to them.

He was not a priest, a monk, or a missionary. He was just an ordinary teenager and yet he did these marvelous things.