Padre Pio: Love is nothing but the spark of God in men

When Padre Pio speaks, he does so with the maximum effort of being in full communion with the Holy Spirit. That is why, even if he speaks in a few words, you’ll definitely be invigorated. His popular quote “Pray, hope, and do not worry” is one of the best examples of how inspiring his gift of wisdom is. And another topic that this saint has quite a good thing to explain is love.

We give love an over passionate meaning and often define it with romanticized stories, but Saint Padre Pio says “Love is nothing but the spark of God in men”. He simplifies it by saying that it’s nothing. Not in the sense of having no importance, but for us to realize that it is actually an uncomplicated thing. God made love a humble and simple thing that it may be experienced even by the lowliest of men.

He then continues to define it as a “spark of God”. And when we have this spark in our hearts, it’s only a matter of time for this to spread like wild fire. That is how love is ought to be experienced. Starting as spark in our small existence. A “let there be light” moment in the darkness and formlessness of our hearts. And in God’s own time, this spark will grow into a fiery new creation of wonderful things in our lives.

God is Love. Without God there is no true love. Without God we can not define nor experience love. Love begins and ends with Him.

Perhaps, a great way to experience this spark is by going to confession. St Padre Pio has heard many confessions and has helped many become closer to God. One of his well known penitents is none other than St. John Paul II, who later wrote “During confession Padre Pio was shown as a confessor who had a simple and clear discernment and who treated the penitent with great love.”. The padre showed great love simply because there is great love when we come to Christ and admit our faults.