How To Obtain What We Want From God: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his justice…”

The act of prayer holds profound significance. It’s a conduit through which believers seek guidance, blessings, and fulfillment of their desires. Yet, despite the assurance of divine response, many find themselves grappling with unanswered prayers. Why does this disconnect persist, despite the unequivocal promise of Christ to fulfill our needs? The answer lies in understanding the dynamics of prayer and aligning our requests with divine order.

The Promise of Prayer

Christ’s pledge to answer prayers encompasses all aspects of human need. His words, “All things whatsoever shall ask,” underscore the breadth of His commitment. However, the apparent disparity between promise and fulfillment raises questions. Could it be that our requests fall short, lacking the fervency and persistence required? Christ’s injunction to “Seek first the kingdom of God and his justice” unveils the key to unlocking divine favor.

Obtaining What You Want

To navigate the labyrinth of prayer effectively, one must grasp its essence. It’s not about refraining from asking for temporal blessings but about prioritizing spiritual elevation. Consider the wisdom of Solomon, who sought wisdom over wealth and prestige. His prudent choice not only garnered wisdom but also attracted unanticipated blessings and riches. God’s order in bestowing favors underscores the importance of seeking spiritual enrichment before temporal needs. In short, be like Solomon who first humbly sought God’s help with his undertaking, and all else was given.

Aligning Desires with Divine Will

Too often, our prayers focus solely on immediate concerns—health, wealth, success—neglecting the deeper longing for spiritual growth. While acts of charity and devotion have their place, true efficacy lies in seeking transformation of heart and mind. By prioritizing virtues like patience, humility, and detachment, we pave the way for divine intervention in our temporal affairs.

The threads of desire and divine will intertwine intricately. To elicit God’s response, we must align our petitions with His overarching plan, prioritizing spiritual enrichment over temporal gratification. By adhering to the prescribed order—seeking first the kingdom of God—we not only fulfill our deepest aspirations but also invite abundant blessings beyond measure. Let us, therefore, embark on this journey of prayer with renewed faith, confident in the assurance that He who promised is faithful to fulfill.