The Best Way To Prepare For The Coming Of Our Lord

Jesus tells us in Matthew 24:37-44 of what it will be like in the day of his second coming. Nobody knows when it will happen. No angel in heaven or anyone on earth can tell the exact day and hour. Jesus however instructs us to “stay awake” and “be prepared”.

Many Christians today still debate whether Christ’s second coming is something that is still about to happen or if it has already happened. People look into signs and historical events to make their point on what belief they side on. But Jesus wants us more to focus on his instruction, which is again to stay awake and be prepared. And it’s a straight forward no dilly-dally affair for us to do so. This is a better action than to stay stuck in trying to make our interpretations regarding the times.

So how do we stay awake and prepare?

There might not be any accurate time and day of when his second coming will occur but he did leave us a clever hint on where we should start doing his command. Jesus likens that day to the days of Noah before the flood. He hints that people were eating, drinking, and marrying. Now where do we find these things happening the most where people eat, drink, and marry? Of course it happens mostly during the Holy Mass!

Yes we eat and drink at the Holy Mass with the body and blood of Christ. We also get married during the Mass. What most Catholic fail to realize is that the Mass is a glimpse and a preparation for the coming of our Lord. Therefore we can practice “staying awake” and “being prepared” there. Many Catholics today receive holy communion even when they have not yet confessed their mortal sins to the priest. They are not prepared to admit their faults and be forgiven as they receive Jesus in the host. Many also come late, and some not even properly dressed for it. They do not see the value of modesty and have no sense of urgency to act with virtue. Many are asleep and unprepared so to speak. If we can not properly prepare ourselves for something as simple and as frequent as the Mass, then we can never really prepare for the bigger one which Christ’s second coming.

Therefore, let us stay awake by being mindful of our actions before and during the Mass. Let us prepare ourselves in receiving Jesus in the Eucharist by being in a state of grace. We can practice going to confession regularly before communion. This is a good way to drop our dark cargos before we meet Christ and receive him worthily.

We are truly blessed to have the Mass where we can practice being prepared again and again, until he comes again.

We proclaim your death, O Lord, and profess your resurrection until you come again.