The Funny Side of Jesus

Imagine just a few days ago, a friend of yours has passed away. You gather with your other friends who are also deeply acquainted with him. But one of them is saying that your friend is alive. He has risen from the dead! But the rest of you are not buying it. Because he’s dead. Dead people just don’t live again, more so someone who has been buried for more than a day now.

This guy who is telling all of you that your special friend has resurrected is now deemed crazy by some from the group. Some are arguing, some are offering theories of what probably happened to his body, and some would just rather end the conversation. Whatever it was, the news that your friend is alive is now starting to turn the place into a mad house.

But as you and your friends were discussing all of these things, a familiar voice suddenly greets all of you. You immediately turn to your side and you see your dead friend smiling at all of you. A split-second of awkward silence ensues as people gaze at the greeter, and then… total absolute panic! “It’s a ghost!” someone shouts. Everyone is shocked and scared. Grown men are now hugging each other. Some trying to hide at the corners of the room, under the table, under the chairs. Some cover their eyes with their hands while jittering and wishing the ghost to go away. And then your friend who all of you believed was dead is now trying to calm all of you down.

This was the story of Jesus Christ showing himself to his disciples after his resurrection.

The Appearance to the Disciples in Jerusalem

Luke 24:36-49 shows us that the disciples were “startled and terrified” when they saw Jesus. How could they not be? The past few days were very tense and being his disciple could also mean their own life. They were arguing with each other because the news of his resurrection isn’t something to be taken lightly given their circumstances.

But Jesus comes in peace and his greeting to them was “Peace be with you”, assuring them that there is nothing to be worried about. His resurrection was not to be feared but to be celebrated. Jesus isn’t a prankster, but he couldn’t have chosen a better moment to appear to them and that’s pretty funny. And his disciples reactions, priceless.