Fight Your Anxieties Through Charity

Mass media and modern culture has given us an absurd idea that one’s life should mostly be about the self seeking of instant gratification and pleasure. Always about personal preferences and comfort, especially in our privacy. These has lead us to be indifferent to the needs of other people and has only focused us on ourselves. Many people today are only interested with their own lives, their own pains, their own interests and do not concern themselves with others to a point that they consider their neighbors as an inconvenience.

Many people work hard for only themselves in pursuit of their happiness. But why is it that people who seems to “have it all” still have anxieties in their lives and some even commit suicide?

Life has no meaning for anxious people. No goal, no destiny, no purpose. Just a leaf being carried away by a river and would one day sink. It seems to me that instead of pursuing our happiness, we should pursue our purpose.

The Work

Every adult should understand, that where there is life, there is also work. Every normal person wants to work, we have our reasons for it and we want that work to bear it’s fruits. But the fear that it may never bear any fruit, or worse, any purpose at all, makes the person want to escape it. Sadly, they do not see that to escape work is to escape life itself. They use different methods of escapism. Drugs, alcohol, sex, and even suicide.

Wild animals also work to survive but hey do not need a purpose in life unlike us humans. To just work for survival wastes our optimism and wisdom.  Our work in our lives needs to have a purpose. The problem is, we can’t find it.

Two solutions

First is to serve others. With service you’ll discover that your neighbors are not inconveniences and that you have much in common with them. You’ll learn to love them and forgive them and you’ll create special relationships with them. Feed the hungry, give time to the lonely. Visit the sick and those you know who are in prison. Defend the weak and make peace with those who seek confrontation.

Second is to open yourself to God. God is true light, true life, and true love. What you can’t get from this world, God will give you, which is purpose. Once you receive it, your ego that corrupts and enslaves you will dissolve and you’ll begin to enjoy a life with true meaning and value.