Prayer To Blessed Carlo Acutis For Guiding Your Children On Using The Internet

The internet when used correctly can be a good source of information, news, and education. But we all know that it can also be a dangerous place for curious kids. Sadly, with the high availability of devices that can connect to the internet, we’re often unable to check on our children and give them guidance that they need. There may be plenty of “family-friendly” mobile apps that we can use to protect our kids from harmful online content, but they’re also quite easy to bypass.

It would then be best to have someone look over our children to guide them when using the internet. Who then would be better than Blessed Carlo Acutis?

Carlo Acutis was a teenager who used the internet for God’s glory. He created a website that archived Eucharistic Miracles from around the world. After his beatification on October 10, 2020, people have described him as the “patron saint of internet users and programmers”. The youth can definitely learn by his examples.

Here’s an intercessory prayer that parents can say to Carlo Acutis which asks for his intercession to guide and protect children in using the internet:

Prayer To Blessed Carlo Acutis For Guiding Your Children On Using The Internet

O Blessed Carlo Acutis, you who understands modern technology, please guide our children (say their names) when they use the internet. Like you, may they use this tool for the glory of God and may they be kept away from the dangers that lurk through this channel. 

Keep them away from evil and deceptive information. Help them gain the wisdom to use the internet properly and may they not be tempted to search for inappropriate contents. 

In unity with the Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, and the children's guardian angels, please watch over these kids that they may always be preserved for God, just as you were.

O Blessed Carlo Acutis, Pray for us!      

*End this prayer with 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Mary, 1 Glory Be.

It’s best to pray this simple prayer daily especially right before your kids go to school, or whenever your kids will be left unsupervised.